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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Can clomid cause leg pain??? Confused!!

Hello ladies...I am on my second round of clomid and my doctor upped it to 100 mg because my progesterone levels didn't improve (I ovulate on my own). The first cycle, with 50 mg, I didn't notice any symptoms except more ovulation pain than usual and sore nipples and bbs during the entire TWW. Today, I am on CD6 and just took my second dose of 100 mg for this cycle. What is weird is even before I took it (so I only had one dose in me) I noticed that when I walked down my stairs in my house, my thighs and calves hurt as if i did a hard workout last night (I unfortunately have not been doing much for exercise lately)!! Has anyone else noticed this really weird side effect?? I also feel like I may be getting sick which has me really bummed and I am hoping that it is not related to that. Ugh! So sick of this whole TTC process!

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I don't ever recall leg pain as a symptom, but each person is different.

I do get pain behind my knees when I am becoming ill, typically it preceeds a fever.

I hope it all goes away without an issue.

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