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Crinone users...advice about af???

Hello ladies... I am 14 DPO and 16 dpt and no af yet. I am on crinone (progesterone gel) and am wondering if that is why I have not seen any sign of the witch. I did a FRER yesterday and got a BFN. I went for my beta this morning and have not heard yet (should hear within the next few hours) but the nurse acted like I am pretty much out and just need to stop the crinone so my AF will come and I can move on. I am confused because another nurse at the RE's office said that AF should come while on crinione and it is not enough to stop it. What has been your experience with it? How long will I have to wait for AF? UGH!

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I have to stop the progesterone cream about 3 days before a/f or it delays it for me. I do a preg. test 3 days before a/f is due and if it's bfn then I stop the cream and I don't start it again until I know I o'd. Some women say it dosen't affect their a/f but I know without a doubt it does delay it for me. You should be fine if you stop 3-4 days befor a/f is due. Hth

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