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My first BFN of the month, or - how quickly I can change my mind about POAS

I swore blue-faced (in my head) that I wasn't going to test until maybe Wednesday the 25th (AF due Thursday the 26th). BUT, what did I just do? POAS. Oh, and of course .

Here's my thought process, and how it could a a PRO or a CON

1. I had terrible sharp stabbing pains behing my left pelvic bone all yesterday morning. I even went for accupuncture and as I was lying on the table it was basically throbbing.
PRO: Implantation pain? Maybe.
CON: It could also be nothing, I had similar pain 2 months ago (although not for as long) around the same time and was not pg that month.

2. I am beyond myself emotionally today.
PRO: Early sign?
CON: I could also attribute this to a late night to bed and still a relatively early rise, but who knows.
CON2: Could be early PMS

3. I spot (TMI?) for at least 1 day and sometimes up to 5 days before AF. No sign of spotting yet.
PRO: Sign?
CON: I'm not due until Thursday. I could start spotting at any time. Even this afternoon. I can't go by this.

4. A rise in my BT this morning.
PRO: Sign?
CON: I took the temp an hour after I usually do, and went to bed super late.

What it boils down to??? I think I'm just desperately hoping for a and am willing to test super early because at this moment in time, there is still a chance. Once I start spotting, it's a no-go. I KNOW it was too early to get a positive but yet...


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Mum (Mom)
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Aww hunny hope you do get your bfp, just hang on in there a few more days!!!!!

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lalitas charm
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Good luck hun!!

I tested early and got so thought I was out and then when AF was 1 day late I tested again and got

You are def not out of the running yet!! why not save those tests for when you get your and then feel the need to POAS everyday coz you dont believe it!!

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Lalitas charm I was happy to read your post! In my opinion there are never enough they started as and became "happy ending" stories!!

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