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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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ttc- sex every day or every 2nd when ovulating?

I've been reading up on this on different sites. Some say to have sex every day during fertile time and other websites say have sex every second day around this time to improve chances of conception as sperm quality would be better.
What do you think? I would be interested on what doctors have advised those of you trying to get pregnant.

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Personally, I say every day as long as your partner doesn't have any medical issues.

That's what we did so let's see how it works for us. I may be saying differently next month if we are still trying.

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My doctor said 3-4 times a week was about right - I took that to mean every other day. Will be interested to see what other people have been told....

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We have been BD'ing every other day but I think we always started to late.. so we started BD'ing every other day CD 9 .. Now we know we have done all we can.. DH works outside in the blazing 100+ degree weather everyday..and I need to let him have days off of my crazy baby making schedule

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Depends on the couple. If are nice and healthy, go at it everyday if you want. Otherwise, every other day starting CD8 or CD9 is sufficient. Make sure to BD before you O, when you O and right after you O.

If you don't know.. BD every other day (at least 3 times a week) to make sure all your bases are covered~!

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