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Almost POS OPK-both Ovaries twinging?

Strange that I feel both ovaries twinging ..I usually can tell which side has the largest egg..but I can't this time.. it's like I get a twinge from the right for a minute then the left.. I just read it's not uncommon for both to O an egg.. Crazy..Didn't know that!! I just figured one was dominant and that was it..but apparently one can release and egg and before the hormones increase in the body the other can release and egg as well.. Getting you the possibility fraternal twins..

I guess I always figured the twin eggs came from the same ovary..

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Hello!!! I'm new to the forum. I had my Mirena out yesterday. My ovaries are both twitching like crazy. It started with just one .... Then it's been going back and forth. Now they both are now. It's the weirdest thing!!!

My mirena was in for 7 years. I know that's bad bc it was expired..... Anyways I never had a period on it. Only spotted a few times. I would still feel my body try or ovulate. I don't remember when my last period was it's been so long. DH and are ttc our first together. We both have children from previous relationships. Keeping fingers crossed things happen soon.

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