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Progestron test needs confused :(

So me and hubby have been ttc for a year now without success. My cycles are pretty irregular (38-42 days) but I thought I was ovulating as using a cbfm which shows peaks and get sore bb's around the same time, not much ewcm though. I've not temped last few cycles but when I did it showed a shift so thought all was ok. However went for "day 21 bloods" but obv went 7 days after my peak on cbfm as don't actually ovulate by cd21. The drs rang today said fsh, lh is normal but progesteone needs repeating. I asked what the number was but she said it didn't say just needs repeating?!?
I'm in such a stress am worried all this time I've not actually been ovulating or something is wrong, what could be causes for a repeat and is it possible to get a peak but not actually ovulate?!? I get AF 13-14 days after peak so was assuming all this time I was ovulating. I'm going to start temping again from tomorrow but have to wait until next Friday for drs review am so stressed any advice greatly appreciated x

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Hi baby_nurse, don't worry, I've done the FSH now three times and the day 21 for the fourth time last tuesday. The docs like to know if you've ovulated and if the number is wonky they'll repeat the test. My doc gave me a sheet of day 21 progesterone tests x 3, so i've done 1 with chlomid, 1 on a natural cycle and the next one will be natural as well unless they give me the big go ahead for IVF (but not expecting anything to get hopes up).
Consider it information, if my doc wasn't asking me for information about my cycle, I'd be worried!

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