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Yellow Fever and TTC

Recently I had to get the yellow fever shot before heading to visit relatives in brazil. like 1 week ago. now we have been ttc since my last miscarriages with no success so I really didn't think of anything when getting the vaccine or mentioned to the doctor that I was ttc. but this week I've been thinking about it and what if I got pregnant while having this vaccine working in my system?

they say it takes about a 15 day incubation period to get it done and working but for some reason I feel like I may be pregnant, its way to soon to tell or take a test. but now I'm a little worried about it. I don't want this vaccine to have effected our systems enough to have effected our potential child. now I don't know if I should hope to be pregnant by the next 2 weeks or not O.O so torn....

(********ly, no one at the airport or security even asked for proof out vaccine so I hadn't even REALLY had to get it in the first darn place -.-)

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My friend had horrible symptoms after the yellow fever vaccine. Its better you got it because it can restrict future travel if you went to a YF zone without getting the shot.

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