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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Will Provera help me get pregnant (by helping me have a period)?

I have been TTC for over a year with no luck on my own. I was seen by my OB and diagnosed with PCOS, and it has officially been 150 days since my last period. Today, I was prescribed Provera to induce a period (10 days, 10mg a day)...Will I be able to take Clomid when I DO have the period? What if instead I try the soy isoflavones (as Clomid has not worked for me in the past)?

Any other tips?

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Well i dont know if you know this already but i just want to tell you that its possible to have a period, but still not ovulate (unfortunate, but true). So provera will help induce period but another medication (like clomid or metformin) is usually needed to increase chances of ovulation. So once your periods get going you should definitely get blood work to check for ovulation and if it negative then ask your doctor about adding another medication help with that. i dont know anything about soy isoflavones so i cant help you there. Good luck!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Just like Aly said...the provera will give you a bleed similar to a period. The first day of flow would be considered CD1 (cycle day one). Then, you can use something like clomid or soy isoflavones to try help you ovulate.

Usually...a follow-up blood test to check progesterone levels is ordered to confirm whether or not you've ovulated. If you haven't will have to use provera again to have another induced period before you can try again. If you HAVE ovulated, then you will get your period 14 days approx. after ovulation.

Good Luck!!!

(what dose were you taking that the clomid didn't work? I took a first cycle of 50mg but failed to ovulate so my doctor is increasing the dose to 100mg and we're trying again)

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