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I am feeling fluttering in my stomach but getting a negative PT, am I pregnant?

I dont know if I am posting this thread in the right area because I am new to the site, but hopefully you ladies can help me with this!

My husband and I have a wonderful daughter and are looking to add another addition!

Ok, so I have a 10 month old daughter and have been nursing her so I rarely get any signs of a period. I think since she was born I may have had maybe 2and the most recent one was 5 months ago. Although I rarely have a period, I am not nieve enough to think that I am not ovulating and cant get pregnant. I have taken 3 preg tests and all have come out negative, but I still cant shake the feeling of the "what if"

I have been experiencing this fluttering feeling in my lower stomach towards the right. It feels just like it did before with my daughter. I have been having a hard time keeping my eyes open and get faint dizzy spells of late where it is hard to see straight. But I mean common, the tiredness can be attributed to the fact that I have not slept through the night in almost 11 months and never get any sleep lol. I have been feeling on my stomach to see if I feel anything but I have not lost all of the baby weight from before yet and am a little pudgy, so I cant tell. I have had no spotting or signs of a period coming and this fluttering feeling is all too familiar, but I feel like my mind might be playing tricks on me! lol.

With my daughter I had low pregnancy hormone levels to the point to where they thought I had miscarried, but luckily I did not. Even then that showed on a home pregnancy test.

Could the test be wrong? Or am I over analyzing what i feel?

Any help of personal experiences with this would be greatly appreciated, thanks ladies!

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Not to be a downer but I had the same feeling last month and bfn. I do hope in your case that you get a bfp though Maybe retest in a few days?

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It can't hurt to take a test. If you don't believe the results, ask your doctor for bloodwork and then you'll know for sure. Good luck!

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On CD26 I got fluttering on the right side - I got AF today though (41 days).

I think a lot of the symptoms are all in our heads, at least until implantation occurs and hCG rises - and by then you'd get a positive test.

I don't mean that to get you down though. Everybody's body is different. GL on getting your BFP!!

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