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Increase fertile CM?

Ladies, if you don't want to hear TMI don't read this thread!!!!

So, 7 years ago before ever starting BC, I had great CM even if I didn't know it yet. Every month in the middle of my perfect 28 day cycle, I would get thick, sticky, egg white cervical fluids, followed by little or no cervical mucus until Aunt Flow.

Well since coming off of birth control, My CM has been different.

Through the entire month, I have very thick, tinted yellow, creamy CM. This month when I ovulated for the *first* time, I had this tiny tiny break from the cream, where I got a very VERY small amount of sticky cm. (Such a small amount that I wouldn't have noticed it if I weren't looking for it.)

The doctors told me the creamy yellowish stuff was just an over production of cervical mucus, and not to worry about it...

But where is my fertile CM???!! That's more important to me!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know a way to increase FERTILE cervical mucus?

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Take Evening Primrose Oil tabs from the day after your period ends until day after ovulation.

Also, I have heard people using actual eggwhites during sex.


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Hi there!

I agree with above advise! I have started using EPO for the first time this cycle.... whilst I havent a HUGE amount.... Ive had a little Better than it was before... I didnt get any!!

Best of luck!

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Becareful about using actual egg whites -- if one happened to carry Salmenella, it could mean very bad things.

EPO is great advice! Just make sure you DON'T take it during your 2WW. It is known to cause uterine contractions and MIGHT result in a chemical pg if you keep taking it past ovulation.

Also using a TTC friendly lube during your fertile days might help. NOT regular lube as it is spermicidal, but something like Preseed or another brand formulated for TTC. I used it for the first time the month I got my BFP (as I didn't produce much EWCM) and I know other ladies with similar problems have had great success with it.

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I agree with tigerlady - Preseed - I have heard many success stories - If I dont get a this month - I may start using it next cycle.

Good Luck hun xx

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I am having a problem with CM like this as well - all month when it used to be just around my fertile time.

It now increases just b4 OV then reduces again, but is there all month. My Dr said it was hormonal due to the pill

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I also read that grapefruit/-juice is supposed to increase fertile cervical mucus and generally keeping hydrated

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I started a vitamin b complex 2 months before my BFP, both cycles I got tons of EWCM where I had none before and my cycles got regulated a lot better, Ov day down from day 20 to 15 and cycle length shortened from 33 to 29 days. The EPO didn't do much for me other than make me more moody

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I got a bfp the first month i used EPO when I conceived DS, which was my third cycle.

I've just used it this cycle too - which is also my 3rd cycle ttc. It didn't increase dramatically, but was definately better than prev two cycles! I'm gonna get preseed for next month tho, as I've heard such good things about it!

Yuk to the real egg whites - and surely you would end up making meringue if the BD got a little too frisky! lol

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Drinking grapefruit juice may help thin it out and produce more cm or you could try using Pre-seed.

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