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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Tightness/pulling in abdomen??

So I think I ovulated this month on the 10th or 11th... I chart CP and CM and I do OPk's but can't temp due to grave shifts.
For the past two days, I have had a pretty strong pulling/tight feeling in my low abdomen, really in the pelvic area. It feels like I did a ton of sit ups, but it's tightening a lot lower than it would from sit ups. It pretty much goes all across my abdomen... I have never had anything like this before! Have any of you experienced this??
I am just concerned about a possible cyst or something? I don't know I have never been diagnosed with PCOS or had any issue like that before.
Not really having any other symptoms, been a little tired and kinda sore bbs... But I'm only 7-8 dpo if I O'd when I think I did.
Anyone have any advice?

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Is it very painful?
If it continues and you do not get your BFP I would go to the doctors and check. Although unless you are getting other symptoms it seems unlikely.
Best of luck.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Very common. I had the same thing this cycle Hoping for a bfP as well! It most often occurs around implantation. You're feeling your uterus contracting possibly growing. Does happen to non-pregnant women as well (the contracting around 8dpo and 9dpo) but like you I personally never experienced it before this cycle. But I am paying much more attention to my body this cycle than ever we will see! Good luck!

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