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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I have PCOS and I have been mostly NTNP for around 3-4 years. The only thing we changed about ourselves was to stop using contraception. I knew my cycles were wonky (especially after coming off of BCP, which had me bleeding all month at first). This was in 2014. I hadn't changed anything else: was still cycling between healthy eating, fad diets, and unhealthy eating periods; didn't track my cycle or temps; and I didn't try to heal my body.

I wish that it was more simple for me. I looked around at all the people who accidentally got pregnant and I realized just how jealous I was. All of my aunts and my mother were very fertile, each having about 5 kids, and I have multiple twin sets in my family. I would see pregnant women in stores and babies in stores, and always looked in awe, thinking "When will that be me?" It never happened; not even one pregnancy this whole time.

I finally had enough at the beginning of this cycle. I am not the most keen on medical intervention, but I set a deadline for myself. If I'm not pregnant by the end of 2018, then I would go see a fertility specialist. So, I am forcing myself to finally make the change to eat raw and organic, to cut out any offending foods, and to switch my routine to one using as little chemicals as possible. I am starting a slow, balanced exercise regimen and drinking a daily tea and smoothie. There is much more to what I am starting than that, but those are the biggest changes.

To me, this has become a pretty big time and money commitment. I had both, but I never put in the effort. Maybe it's the push I needed to get it on track, but I can't help but look at all those who conceive much easier or on accident and think, "Why can't it be that easy for me?" I know it sounds selfish, and I should be grateful at what I DO have, but sometimes it is hard and I have to vent. I have been mostly positive this cycle, but after 2 attempts to gear up to ovulation this cycle, I'm a little down.

Wishing all the best to you ladies, I hope you get what you are after.

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