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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Me and my boyfriend have been trying for the 4th time now. currently 10dpo.

I have very regular 25-26 day cycles, 13 day luteal phase. Temp shift. 2 of the months we tried were "bad" months.
One month high stress because I had acute pulpitis in a tooth and they took 3 days to find it out. then I got the flu and kept coughing for a long time.

I have high androstenedione and globuline binding testosterone. My dr says its not high enough to cause any issues. It does give me some extra body hair and back acne :/
But nothing else.
This is why I wondered if I had PCOS but my dr says no. I also have normal bmi of 20, and really good blood tests with good insuline and glucose etc... Also got an ultrasound done and dr saw nothing strange.

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