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i dont know what to think!

I'll start from the beginning! I had af on 10th march and got my 1st pos opk on cd14 then 3 days early I had quite light but red af on 2nd april. Today I am on cd.11 And I found an ic opk in the cupboard so when I went to the loo I decided to try it out. These had never given me pos before I've always had to use superdrug opks. And as soon as I dipped it in the wee and it touched the test line it showed up straight away and it is much much much darker than the control line almost black its so dark and it showed up straight away. This is the 1st time this has happened ever so I'm wondering am I infact ovulating earlier this month or could it be showing up a pregnancy!
I don't want to get my hopes up but already they are sky high lol! Any opinions would be great! Xx

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I'd test if your af was unusual or light, Good Luck!!!! xxxx

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id do a pg test hun xx might be showing so dark for that reason, if not start xx

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