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Frequent Urination and Ovulation?

Hello all,

I just stopped the BC pill in mid-August. I had, what I believe to be, my first AF on Thursday, September 20th. However, AF was very light, mostly brown, and only last two days. I did have one day of being a bit heavier, but nothing too heavy. I did not experience any sore boobs or cramping, which I used to get with my period. I have taken pregnancies tests every Friday since stopping BC just in case. All have been negative, so I assumed that was my period.

Now, I am 12 days dpo, and am expecting a long cycle with just getting off the pill (my first cycle was 39 days). I just started doing OPK's and all have been negative. However, I tested very late one day (36 hours after the day before's test, due to being at a wedding).

Today, I am experiencing some side pain, but EXCESSIVE urination. I have already gone 8 times today, and I usually go 3-4. Does anyone else experience frequent urination during ovulation? I am wondering if I missed my positive OPK due to late testing...

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