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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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adivce please

i was hoping you could give me a bit of advice normally a week before im due my cervix is quite low down and quite firm but when i checked earlier (sorry to be so rude) i couldnt actually touch it as it was high up but felt very moist up there i am due to come on tho within the next week is this another sign of pregnancy ?

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sometime in early pregnancy your cervix goes high - everyone is different though & heard many times from others it couldnt be helpful in telling. When I got my bfp I thought mine was low and feels a little higher now - 2 weeks after bfp.
Are you having other symptoms? Good luck!

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When I had my pre TTC checkup, I asked my doctor about checking cervical position. She advised it wasn't the most reliable way to tell anything, because it can be all over the place and mean nothing. I'm not sure about when it comes to checking it as a pregnancy sign though...

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It is definitely not the most reliable. However, if you have a good deal of experience checking yours (have established a farily reliable pattern) and this is unusual for you, then it could be a pg sign. Not a definite symptom, though!

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Don't EVER go by your cervix....

Mine did not go up high until I was a few weeks pregnant...

I only checked my cervix to know when I was ovulating that's it...I had experience doing so and I was kindda "trained" by a doctor to check my cervix...but she told me to only do this during ovulation and nothing else.

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