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Tudor Rose
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Stupid Question of the Day

Can riding a bicycle affect ttc?

i ride a bike almost daily to and from work. i know they say it can make a women less sensitive down there and make it harder for her to have an orgasam

any info would be grateful

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Your question intrigued me, so I thought I'd see if my old pal Google could shed any light on the topic. Short answer? Not really, although I'm sure you know that from trying yourself!
I did find this very old post in a forum
My husband and I are both into Mountain biking, and did not stop while trying to conceive. We did not encounter any problems. Some people who ride, wear tight fitting clothes though (we do not), perhaps that is the problem? I've heard tight fitting clothes on guys can cook the sperm. There's lots of gear out there that isn't tight fitting. Maybe he can try it. Good luck and lots of baby dust your way.
Don't suppose that really helps much, but it's the best I could come up with.
Seems like you'd be fine. Perhaps you could call your doctor and ask?
Good luck!

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sounds like your question has been answered hun......even I have a stooooopid question up today

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