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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Very early pregnancy symptoms or kidding myself?

Hi guys,

This is my very first post on any sort of pregancy forum - I have come here after trawling Dr Google and finding mixed answers (no surprises) and would really appreciate some insight and/or advice.

My period finished 2 weeks ago today, my partner and I had sex that day. A couple of days later I found a small amount of brown blood when wiping. Then a couple of days after that I found some blood in my cervical mucus which I don't think I've ever had before. Since then I have been wondering if it could be early signs of pregnancy to the point where I think I am reading everything that's going on with my body as symptoms, and I don't know whether it's just me making myself crazy or I have reason to think I could be in the very early stages of pregnancy.

Today and yesterday I have been experiencing cramps which I never usually get until around my period. I'm constantly knackered but that's not uncommon for me. I've also been feeling quite nauseous, getting headaches and have been going off my beloved coffee.

I'm not sure if it's possible to get pregnant straight after my period, hence my hesitation to get too excited. Secondly, my partner didn't ejaculate inside me, (pulled out just before) - I know it's possible to still get pregnant that way but it does seem that the odds are piled against me getting pregnant.

We're not actively TTC but we're not avoiding it either - we were TTC a while ago but stopped due to my previous anorexia which was causing problems. This is now mainly under control but I do wonder whether it has had any effect on my fertility.

Any advice at all would be amazing - such as, would it be too early to even take a pregnancy test to see if I AM pregnant - given that it would only be 2 weeks maximum, and my period is not due for another two weeks?

Thanks guys (and totally unfamiliar with all these anagrams you all use at the moment! )


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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Anagrams? I meant abbreviations...see, too tired to make any sense today, argh!

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I would bet that the brown stuff 2 weeks ago will be remnants from your period and this current cramping is you ovulating so get BD'ing now.

The main abbreviations you need are

BD - baby dancing/sex
AF - Aunt Flo/period
CD - cycle day (day 1 is first day of full period)
DPO - days post ovulation
FF - fertility friend a phone app where you can monitor your temps and other signs
CM - cervical mucous
EWCM - egg white CM
opk - ovulation perdictor kit
poas - pee on a stick

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