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Originally Posted by twiggy56 View Post
Thanks Tigerlady for sharing your story! Im kinda worried now as i got a +ive opk on CD17 and its now CD59 then i will maybe do another poas..actually im just going to the doc' head is minced with all this confusion!! Long cycles are a NIGHTMARE!

All you ladies in this thread...we deserve sum kindof patience award!!!!!

Don't worry too much! A positive opk does not mean you actually ovulated. It just means that you released a surge of lutenizing hormone which would usually lead to ovulation. But sometimes your body will gear up to ovulate, but not actually succeed at it.

The only way to confirm ovulation occurred is by blood work and/or BBT charting. Have you been BBT charting this cycle?

If you have long, irregular cycles and don't BBT chart, I would look into it. You can learn a lot from it!

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Yep iv just been to the docs today and he said that because iv only been off bcp for 10 months (and have had 3 AF in that 10 months) and that im young (20) that i shouldnt be worrying- but if in two months im still worried i can go back and get bloodwork done Iv got my bbt thermometer here and ready to start charting but cant really until AF arrives...also got preseed ordered up im tryin my best but im headed for cd60 tomorrow and it just feels like its never going to end!!

thank-you so much for your kind words of advice Tigerlady, i appreciate them more than you know!!!!!!!


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hang in there girl . . . chin up!

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