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Anyone had an AMNIO before... please read

A friend of mine who is pregnant has to go in for an amnio because she tested positive for one of the three markers for a form of down syndrome and she is freaking out. She heard it was painful so I guess what I want to know is what is it like, does it hurt alot? Are there risks?? Any personal accounts would be great.

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I have had one with each pregnancy(4). Would not say it was particularly painful, just a bit uncomfortable. Some docs numb the area before putting the needle in some don't. Have had both and was no real difference. Does feel a bit weird when they draw out the fluid as you can see it.

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Yeah ive had 3 now and agree it doesnt really hurt just a bit of a strange sensation

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I have had a CVS, which I beleive is simular, it is slightly painful, but more uncomftable.
I will probably have to have one on my next pregnancy too xx

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