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Advice please - OPK

Hello girls

I am currently on CD 13 of a 24 day cycle. Had a smiley face on CB OPK yesterday and today.

Do you think I have ovulated today rather than yesterday as the smiley is still there? Had some painful cramps today.

We have BD on CD 9,10,11,12 and hopefully tonight but OH is practically falling asleep when we get round to DTD He is away tomorrow night and not back until late Friday.

Is it really important that we BD again tonight but when do we stop?


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First of all congrats on the positive OPK! I am unsure of how the CBFM works but wanted to reassure you that the sperm last a few days and that if you didn't BD tonight then the sperm would still be there anyhow!

Hope that is of some help...I know there are bound to be many pther ladies on here that can give you further information on this! Good luck

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