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Totally Confused!!!

Hey Guys,

Im so confused!! So at 6 dpo i started bleeding, only light and when i wiped (sorry tmi) but it was red and brown blood! It was only there for around 6 hours and then i didnt see it again! Today i woke up (9dpo) and had the same thing but it was just brown blood and it gone again now!!

I took a a test this morning and of course it was negative but surely if what i had was implantation bleeding at 6 dpo then the hcg would be in my system after 3 days?? Especially if i tested using 10miu tests???
Im also having cramps where i feel like im running to the toilet expecting to find af but nothing, which is stressing me out because because if i do get my af today or tomorrow then my luteal phase is only 9-10 days???

Sorry for going on, i just feel like pulling my hair out today andiv never spotted in the middle of my cycle before!!!


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