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pcos - agnus castus?

have any of you lovely ladies with pcos tried agnus castus? i have read it is supposed to be very good at sorting out cycle lengths etc. i only ask ask as my best friend has just been diagnosed and is in melt down...

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Mum (Mom)
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i started it last week and got my first opk this week too!!! so fingers crossed it's doing something (even if opks don't work with PCOS)

P.S join the new team on cycle buddies - the PCOSers!

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I used it for a bit and it kinda sorted out AFs but still no OV. Then AFs stopped again completely. One thing I will say is that if you do take it, keep an eye on your OV as you are supposed to stop once OV occurs, This is because is can damage an embryo

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i'm very interested in this! i'm not sure if i'm pregnant. But what do these tablets do and what can the do 2 yourself and u egg? i just want 2 know just incase i'm not this month that nexted month we might try them. thanks becci xx

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