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Raspberry leaf tea causing spotting?

Hi everyone,
I decided to try red raspberry leaf tea this cycle to try to help with my EWCM, and I've been drinking it for the past three days. I'm only on CD7 today, and yesterday evening I noticed bright red spotting when I wiped (my period has been finished for a few days already, so I definitely shouldn't have red spotting right now). I haven't done anything differently so far except for the tea - could this be causing the spotting? I've never had that happen before. Should I be worried and discontinue it?

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I am not sure about this, but I can tell you that my FS told me to stop taking it. I can't remember her explanation, but I did follow her advice (though taking it/not taking it didn't seem to affect my spotting, which is quite frequent no matter what I do).

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im sure i took raspberry tea leaf to try and induce labour with dd didnt kno you can take it while ttc :s

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RRL tea supposedly causes uterine contractions. If you take it while TTC its is said not to take it after you O.

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I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea religiously over the last 5-6 months from CD1 to O as it's supposed to tone the uterus and boost overall nutritional intake, cant say that I noticed any unusual spotting. but then my period is usually 6-7 days so it is normal for me to have a bit of brown spotting on CD7.

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