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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Very Early Symptoms?? Like...Almost Immediate?

So my hubby and I recently started trying, and just a few days later I started feeling a pressure in my lower abdomen, almost like gas but I'm not having any gas or constipation issues. This pressure has been pretty consistent for about a week now. It's not a pain, but a definitely pressure feeling. Also the last 2 nights I have had night sweats, which normally I only get right before my period. It's too early for a pregnancy test and my gyn doesn't seem to be worried. Any thoughts or advice??

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If its too early for Af or to test maybe its just ovulation? Ov shows itself in.many ways, pressure, cramping, ewcm, light spotting, boob pains/aches, lower tummy twinges. These are just the ones I've had or know of.
Hope this helps x

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Do you know where you're at in your cycle? When was your last period?

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I think it would be too early for preg symptoms - those usually start after implantation (which is usually 7-10 dpo).

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sounds like ovulation?

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I have the exact same feeling! Earlier today I had some sharp ovulation pain, even though I'm only on cd12, after getting my first af after m/c.

The pressure is VERY intense, even wrapping to my back.

It started out of nowhere. To be blunt, my uterus feels heavy and like it wants to fall out! But cd 12?! I can't wrap my head around it....

No temp spike....

Because I'm crazy I keep thinking up all these"what if" scenarios.
Like, "what if I had a fertilized egg that was still floating down my tube when af came?"

I know it sounds ridiculous!
My cycles were way wacky when I stopped the bc pill in may, had a period immediately, very light, 3wks later a heavy period, nothing for june, or july, found out in august I conceived around july 21st...

So I had a short light period, 3 wks later heavy period, then totally miss a month but not pregnant, miss another month, then 3 1/2 wks preggo! I'm starting to think I am no longer in tune with my body! Wth is going on? Argh

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