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OPK question, Please help!

I got a positive (smiley) OPK on the 9th, 10th and 11th negative, 12 positive i was like hmmm soo i chummed up some pee and took another 15 minutes later negative. Just took another due to cramping & heavy lower abdomen Postiive again. My CM is creamy white, on the 9th it was eggwhite streatchy and perfect. Not sure what to think?! am i o'ing again? Did I not O and now i am? Please help!

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Honestly, I don't know what to make of it. I never trust digital tests to be honest, I prefer the ones with lines because then I know just how much hormone there is there and they work just fine for me. I had a positive on my OPKs this month from the 5th-8th. Your hormones may be a bit wacky, or either the third test that was negative or the fourth one that was positive was a fluke. These tests aren't perfect. I would assume that you O'd on the 10th (they always say to trust the first positive and if that was on the 9th, you would have O'd on the 10th most likely) and not worry about it so much anymore. Good luck on your !

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