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im banning myself

right girls this is a bye for now OH said im getting obsessed and you know what i am im banning myself from bnb till i get a BFP im driveing myself round the bend now and i think im driving OH round the bend too

i wish all you girls all the luck and baby dust in the world on getting your BFP and hopefully will be joining some of you in first tri soon i hope

Take care


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I know what you mean! My oh is starting to notice how much I'm on Bnb - he thinks I need to relax & not focus too much on ttc. I think he's probably right in a way.

Anyways - good luck & hopefully see you very soon in first tri!! Baby dust

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I am starting to feel the same. I think i have read too many stories on here and it makes me think too much lol. We have only been trying for baby no2 for two and half weeks but its all i think about.

Good luck

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