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Sooooooooooooo Confused ! Help .

Im sooooo confused on my cycle . ok in Sept i was suppose to start on the 14th but ended up starting on the 21st . a whole week late im usually a 28day cycle so does that make that cycle a 35day cycle ?? then in Oct i was suppose to start on the 27th but ended up starting on the 21st again so does that make my last cyce a 30day cycle ?? me and my bf ttc and last month i got smiley faces on the CB digi . i wasnt really keep up with when i ovulate cause me and my bf have sex EVERYDAY ! im just trying to see when i ovulated that even if im late does my cycle still stay as a 28day cycle or dose it get longer when im late like adding how many days im late to my 28day cycle . ex: if im four days late does that make my cycle 32day cycle ??

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Your cycle starts on day one of your period, so if you are late or early, than your cycle days for that cycle has changed. So if you were 4 days later than expected, then yes, that cycle was then 32 days

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ok thanks i was so confused lmfao