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Question time/ and info i found - :-)

Hi Ladies

Info i found!!

When having my massage a few days ago i was talking to my lady about TCC as you do !!

she said that she had recently done a course and had learnt that.
  • Ladies TTC should not have back massages that involve lying on their front and that this continues even in early pregnancy
  • Also that the use of any armotherapy oils should be avoided.
  • And even pedicures and reflexology should only be done in a certain way - avoiding certain pressure points (ie by a experianced person)

the questions i had today are
As you may know i take medication for pain relief due to medical conditions and have stopped taking Tramadol and Ibrufen due to TTC

But i wondered if would be able to take anything like cold and flu or alike as i have a head cold and have had it for a week or so and am feeling yuck and just want to see if ii can take something like you may normally do or if i should just grin a bear it so to speak.

Can you take herbal remedies ??

I must sound like a real pill popper i really am not - the pain relief i take is only when necessary - ie not every day and rarely all day !!

Sorry i must sound really paraniod lol

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