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For those who track cm for ovulation

I know it varies from person to person, even cycle to cycle but I was wondering if you notice with EWCM does it become less/thinner a day or so prior to ovulation?

I had a day of significant EWCM on one day, the next day it was much thinner still very stretchy but with a lot of watery fluid. I didn't get to dtd until the evening of the watery day.

I am trying to figure out if I missed my window, and when I may have ovulated.

I really appreciate any imput, thank you : )

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I only normally get two days of it, the day before o and the day of.
The day before and after its lotiony/creamy.

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I get a lot of watery cm all through ovulation week. Had egg white cm one day last month, not had any this month yet but lots of watery cm... hope this helps xx

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