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Question about temping

Good morning All,

I started temping for the first time 4 days ago. I did pretty good the first two days - though admittedly I walked to the bathroom before realizing I needed to take my temp. I forgot the 3rd day until after I had my coffee so I skipped that day. Then this morning I carried my son downstairs first before remembering and it was .4 degrees higher than normal. Should I discard the temp from today?

I have a 2 year old who normally wakes me up so I am having trouble 1) remembering and 2) taking the temp before I go to get him once he wakes up.

Any tips or tricks for remembering to take temp before I go get my son out of his crib?

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I keep mine right by my pillow. That way its right next to me.

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You can't count today. Only count the temps u do while lying down before getting up in the morning. I also keep it under my pillow and them immediately record the temp in my cell phone memo. Set an alarm clock. Good luck!

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I set the alarm on my phone. I use a certain ringtone, that I only use for that. Plus the label on the alarm says, "TEMP TEMP TEMP!!!" LOL I picked 15 minutes earlier than when I normally ever get up. If it's a sleep-in day, I just temp and roll back over. It just takes getting into the habit. Even keep temping through AF (that way your in the habit) Good luck!

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Put your thermometer ON your alarm, so when you go to turn off the alarm, the thermometer is in the way. Very hard to forget then. That's what I had to do when I started.

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