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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Brownish discharge/spotting before bleeding

I would like to ask all of you if what happens to me happens to you too. So I noticed that in the last week prior to AF arrival, I get some brownish discharge, sometimes spotting. It can varry from 5-6 days to 2-3 days. Dr performed saline sonigram and said that the uterus is perfect. I just went through an IVF cycle (negative) and getting ready for FET. We have 7 frezen embryos, I had good response to medication but no implantation

In Jan 2012 I had an somehow the implantation is the key. Because I have these spotting I was worried if this could be an indicator of a possible cause. The dr, however said no and that is normal. Is it? Do you experience this? Is there an explanation?

I am now on BCP and on CD 18 dr performed a procedure called endometrial scratching. This is a way to trick the body into producing some protein that would help the embryo with implantation. Since the procedure I have this yacky brownish discharge. Dr is ok with that...I don't understand it.

Hope you'll share your experiences and I can figure if it's actualy comon or not.

Thank you!

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