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My CM tracking so far...

18th Oct - brown
19th Oct - 23rd Oct - bleed
24th Oct - brown
25th Oct - 2nd Nov - normal

3rd Nov - really stringy/stretchy CM
4th Nov - pink/creamy
5th Nov - brown
6th Nov - normal, but increased wetness
7th Nov - normal, but very wet
8th Nov - normal in day, evening a LOT of light brown stretchy CM
9th Nov - very very wet, then dark red bleed (?) In the afternoon
10th Nov - tiny amount of light brown in morning, very wet all day
11th Nov - 18th Nov - just mega wet every day
19th Nov - tiny bit of pink
20th Nov - tiny bit of brown
21st Nov - 23rd Nov - very wet
24th Nov - big clump of creamy/stringy/stretch CM
25th Nov - stretchy/stringy
26th Nov - 27th Nov - very wet
28th Nov - Stringy/stretchy
29th Nov - 12th Dec (today) - very wet everyday

When I say very wet, I mean that I can actually feel it coming out so much, that I run to the toilet expecting af to be there!!! I'm currenty going through 2 or 3 pantyliners a day

Dunno if anyone can see anything when reading this, but thought I'd have a go!!

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