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KY Jelly vs Zestica Fertility Lubricant

This is my first month of TTC and I purchased Zestica Fertility Lubricant to use as a lubricant but we usually use KY jelly when

It seems very watery and to me and my DH seems to have a funny smell!

I was under the impression that KY jelly contained a spermicide or could hinder TTC in some way but I've just brought up on wikipedia that it does NOT contain a spermicide.

I'm a bit confused???? So whats the difference in the 'fertility' lubricants such as Zestica and preseed and good old KY?

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we used KY a lot and remember if i correctly i used it the night we conceived, i really don't know much about jelly's, but your right there is a slight smell from it and can go watery, but i work in a GP surgery so get them free *blush* so hence why we used it. xx i didn't think at all about spermicides etc it was just to make it more comfortable for me xx

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I have heard that normal lubes such as KY can kill a lot of the spermies, so its best to go with one that is labeled as being sperm friendly

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Its not that normal lubes kill the sperm, its that they form a barrier that the sperm can't swim through. The fertility lubes act like ewcm, and the sperm can be contained in them, and actually live for longer. What I mean is that the fertility lubes mimic your own fertile secretions.
Hope this helps
x x

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Aside from being rather thick and continually requiring reapplication (due to the effect of oxidation), many lubricants (including KY) contain glycerin, which was the cause of my recurring yeast infections (I've since switched to another brand and had no issues). Trying to conceive with a yeast infection isn't fun, I can tell you that much!

If you want a lube that's going to benefit the experience and hopefully lead to pregnancy you're better off going with a 'sperm friendly' lubricant like the one mentioned. Not only are they PH balanced to mimic your own natural lubricant, but Zestica (according to the website) contains hyaluronic acid, something your body naturally produces, while also improving 'sperm motility', not exactly sure how it works but it sounds pretty intriguing .

I'd personally rather stick with something that's been tested as an aide in conception, and specifically designed for that purpose, than something that's made only for sex (and in my experiences continually caused a yeast infection).

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Ama's spot on, for those who have no problems conceiving using whatever lube they want I say great, for those of us who are wanting it to happen asap, you might as well put the odds in your favour. I'm not going to slow my man's boys down with glycerin, antiseptics (also in KY), silicone, oil or eggwhite when there's doctor recommended sperm friendly lube out there. That's just plain silly. $375 for an iui compared and a $6 tube of Zestica/preseed.

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