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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Any supplement suggestions for DH?

DH and I have been TTC since May 2012. We had one pregnancy but that ended in mc and we've had no luck since then. We have a bad habit of letting TTC put a lot of pressure on us. Ok.... so it's mostly ME puting pressure on us by obsessively using opks and such. I finally got my cycles to become regular by taking vitex. Since regularity is no longer an issue we have decided to stop using opks and just (hopefully) let it happen. We are hoping this will help ease the pressure a bit. With that being said, I'm looking for suggestions on any supplements that DH could take to help make his swimmers more potent. He is a healthy 26 yr old and he takes already takes a multi vitamin. Any advice would be appreciated!

This post ended up being longer than I intended, I apologize!

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I've heard of fertiliaid from, but I'm unsure if it works well, only because no one I know has ever used it!

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