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Mrs Doddy
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exercise / stomach crunches

while ttc/pregnant

is this ok ? im still trying to get reduce the baby belly from dd

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cant see why not, i am also crunching to strengthn my tummy muscles after giveing birth 11 weeks ago plus am ttc again. I think until you are 16 weeks most exercises if you were previously used to doing them are safe in moderation, just listen to your body.

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YES! Absolutely! I do Jillian Michael DVDs religiously and there are ab components to the DVD. It is great to keep your body healthy. Obviously training to be a body builder is frowned upon - but 30 mins to an hour each day of excercise is highly recommended - including ab training. Once you are pregnant, it is best to reduce the ab component but there are many preggo friendly workouts. Great job!

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yes! Do it!!! After I had my son my doctor told me that if I had made sure my abs were strong before the pregnancy and then did prego modified excercises to maintain it.(she said "figure 8s were great) then my delivery would have been easier. I was like - now you tell me!

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