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So I am fairly certain I had a chemical this cycle (which was cycle 2). I had IB at 10DPO and a huge increase in CM (one day a big yellow glob) from O until my unfortunate AF arrival. I also had two faint positive hCG's.

I read somewhere else on forums that chemicals could be a sign that it may be harder for you to conceive?? Is this true? Also heard one person say that you have to wait a cycle after the chemical to TTC again? I thought that was only if you had a later miscarriage...

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I've had a miscarriage and I've just had a chemical in December. The doctor said that chemicals are very common and most go unnoticed by a lot of woman. Apparently as many as 1 in 4 people will have a chemical pregnancy. Doctors view it as a good thing as it means your ovulating and your partner has decent swimmers, so I wouldn't panic, but view it as more as a positive my doctors said you can try again straight away as well, unless you don't feel ready... I hope your next bean is a sticky one xxx

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