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Ttc after miscarriage am I ovulating

Hi everyone I'm abit new to this and was hoping for some advice.after having a silent misscarriage in December me and my husband have Been trying to concieve,I had my last period the 28th jan and norm have a 30-31day cycle that was before misscarriage.i bought opk strips and the clear blue digital so when it was the 10th day I was surprised to get a positive but the clear blue was negative so I put it down to false positive then on the 14th day to the 17th I got positive on the strips but still negative on the clear blue however I did notice that on day 14 I had some egg white mucas so thought this must be ovualtion,but today is day 19 and iv had a lot of egg white mucas it is the most I have had so far it's been going on all day but the ovulation tests are negative so I'm really not sure when I ovulated is day 19 to late.i am new to this so would be very gratefull for any advice

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