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TTC tips


This is my second month trying to conceive after a miscarriage in November... I have been taking prenatals (nature made) since mid-January. I hardly drink, hardly drink caffeine, have a fairly healthy diet and try to exercise as regularly as possible (usually around 3-4 times a week). My husband is also taking the same precautions other than taking the prenatals.

I am just trying to find out any tips or advice for people who have conceived recently. I want to have a good feeling about this month, but it's hard.

I have also heard conflicting things about when it's good to take an ovulation test? The package says the morning but then there are people on here who say afternoon or evening is best? But you can't pee for four hours before you take it and I am not sure I could make it that long.... hahaha

ANY information will help! Please! I am really ready for my BFP!

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