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Internet cheapies question?? please help

So im on CD32 and not confirmed ovulation. Im about 3 days late for AF now and i have a lotta symptoms, fatigue, mild nausea, headaches, sore boobs, frequent peeing, no sign of AF yet so i thought hey why not and took a test.

The test was a internet cheapie, the little sticks you get not the one with the hard cover. So at first i didnt see anything, i walked away to get a drink and when i looked again a few minutes later there was a clearly there but smudged line. Then before i could get a picture of it, a few mins later it was gone again. I am so confused. Ive never had any kind of second line before.

My OH suggested using a better test as i also have some of the ones with the hard casing. Im just scared to take one in case its a BFN, i really dont want to see that. Is it worth waiting a couple more days or should i test first thing in the morning??

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I would test in the morning but when you were standing there did you jappen to watch the dye run across our could that possibly be what you saw when you came back. Wait you said ue saw two lines so that is pbly not what was happening. I don't know. How dark was the test line and how long did it stay there

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My advice would be to get a good test, like First Response or a digital. I've been TTC for about three years, and anytime I bought the Internet cheapies or something that costed a dollar, I would always doubt the result. Since your period is late, I would use FMU on a better test. If it's negative, you might have ovulated later than usual. Good luck!

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I use Internet cheapies, but when it comes time to test I use a more reliable brand. I only get Internet cheapies because I'm a pee on a stick aholic and start testing around 8DPO! I've had that happen to me, too, where the line disappears. It was a BFN that month when that happened.

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Hi there,

I posted a similar question to this 6 months ago or more looking for answers - because the EXACT same thing happened to me. As the urine moved across the stripe, a bright pink line came up immediately, then disappeared within 45 seconds - 1 minute later!

Unfortunately it was a BFN for me that cycle.

I read up on this, and sought advice from other BnB members and from what I have been told BFP don't disappear that quickly. Normally a positive line will stick around for 24 hours or so before it fades.

I agree with the other ladies on here... I use Internet Cheapies until I get a convincing line before I test with a reputable brand to confirm pregnancy or otherwise in my case!

Good luck and I hope you get your BFP this cycle!


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