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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Miscarriage a month ago, round ligament pains already?

I suffered a terrible natural miscarriage a month ago.
I bled until like 3 weeks ago. I went from 55k hcg 2 weeks before the mc, to 13567 the day of the mc.
After about a week past the mc, I had no pains. But this week I am feeling round ligament pains. My fiance and I started having about 2 days after the mc, while I was still bleeding, and have continued since. I figured I wouldn't be able to get pregnant until I at least had a period or my hcg level dropped, which I thought would take about a month.
I still haven't had my period, but perhaps my hcg level dropped low enough for me to ovulate sometime in the past 2 weeks.
The thing is, I am having what I know to be round ligament pains. I've been pregnant enough to know what those feel like.
I have read many women who say upon their 2nd pregnancy, they notice round lig pain almost immediately, even before sore breasts or nausea or a missed period.
I'd love to hear your opinions on this
I obviously do want to be pregnant again, the mc was heartbreaking [and I nearly died from blood loss and the contractions were particularly bad, no space between them for a solid hour]. I'm scared that I got pregnant again so soon, but also conflicted, because I can't help but want to try again ASAP.

So have any of you felt round lig pain early, early on? What did it feel like? Given my circumstances, is it possible I'm pregnant already even though I miscarried...exactly 29 days ago today with hcg of 13.5k?

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