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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Pregnant and "period"?

Hi I'm new here.

I came off the pill on the 15th july, had my normal withdrawal bleed and then we started TTC. I then got my first period off the pill on the 18th august which is still here now on CD9. I have been feeling tired recently, sleeping 12 hours at night and still feeling tired during the day, and the last few days I have been feeling nauseous, to the extent where I feel like I'm actually going to throw up.

Could I be pregnant even though I have got my period? I have read about people who have had vaginal bleeding during pregnancy which is like a period.

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im not too sure if you are or not..but i know that bleeding for that long can take alot out of you.

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Heya Cupcake,

I had my coild removed at the start of july and felt just like that, had loads of preg symptoms so much so that me and DH thought I was preg, but then AF arrived. Doc said it was my hormones rebalancing.

I hope this isnt the case for you and I hope you get your

Good Luck sending you loads of baby dust

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i had the same thing. i went off the pill in sept. 08 had 2 periods that month then had a slight one in oct so it looked like implantation bleed and had soooo many of those symptoms and again in jan. of 09 i even told my bf i thought i was prego. took s test and was neg. then my af came......

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