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My Craazy Life .....

Hi everyone -

i havent been on the TTC boards for a while as some of you know i have been taking a month off due to moving down saaaaf !!

Well of course this month i had EWCM but at least it gave me an idea that i am ovulating ect !!

I am due my period in a week or so now so as soon as thats gone we are gonna every 3 days or so depending on how bad my back is ! but i have a good feeling.

As my cycle is 6 weekly i dont suppose i will need to test till october... which seems like a million years away lol

Well its my sons birthday on the 6th sept and i simply cannot believe he will be 4.. it crazy

So for the next week i will be living in my half boxed house !! ha ha i cannot find one thing but its cool as the move is a week monday !! I am so excited

Oh and i ordered my "coolcrutches" they are black with white polka dots !!! i am sooo excited ( i know muppet) but seriously look at them (www, They rock ...

Love and baby dust to every single one of you xxxxxx

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Welcome back! Those crutches are cool!!!!! Good luck in the new house, its stressful, but worth it in the end!!!!!!

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Even though I am new...welcome back!! Congrats on your new home, and baby dust to you!

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welcome back!!!

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