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Hmm cycling...


As some of you know i have been very late this month, well AF got me this morning, and now i'm trying to work out this cycle, but do i still use my normal 28days that i am or do i use the fact this cycle just gone was 44 days :S

I'm really confussed , the websites keep putting it at 44days :S

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Awww... Sorry about the ! I don't know but didn't want to read and run! I'd say 28 if it's usually pretty constant! Good luck, hun!

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Mum (Mom)
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My cycle is usually around 29 days but in the spring I had 2 in a row that were 42 and then 37 days long. The next two were back to normal and my temp went up this morning so I think this one is going to be about 29 days too. Hopefully your last cycle was just an anomaly too! I'd go with 28 days unless you don't o on time this cycle.

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