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Breast Tenderness 7 dpo?

Over the weekend I woke up with extremely tender, achy breasts to the point I couldn't sleep. I think I'm 7 or 8 dpo... not sure. This is my first cycle temping & didn't start at the beginning of my cycle. Using FF & it gave me about 4 days that I could have ovulated. Is this too early? Last month I had weird symptoms around ovulation but wasn't pregnant. But never experienced this level of tenderness before. Today they are back to a tolerable level of tenderness but now the nipples are super itchy. What do others think? Just normal ovulation symptoms? This is my second cycle of the bcp (was on it for 5 years) and my body is acting crazy!! LOL

Also bloated, acne issues (usually never a problem), very tired, metallic taste in my mouth that comes & goes & the breasts. But I had all these things last month too besides the painful breasts. Not sure what to think.

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It's funny that you posted this today. When I had my daughter (first born), the first sign I had was VERY SORE breasts...well, nipples more than the breast would be more accurate. My nipples were tender and felt like they were lasted for a very long time too, and I think I remember noticing it a few days before AF was due. With my son (full term but passed away at 7 weeks) I really didn't get the breast/nipple tenderness. I don't know if that helps you, but I would say, it can be a very good sign and I don't think it's too early!

Just today I noticed that my nipples are very tender and sore...but I am not sure when I ovulated since I ran out of sticks for my Clearblue Monitor!!! so OH and I just bedded down every other day just to try and give us the optimum chance! So I could be as much as 7 or 8 DPO like you, or possibly only 4DPO. Last month I ovulated on CD 17...

Anyway, I am rambling now...and I hope that it is a good sign for both of us!!

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