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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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PCOS? Hyperprolactinemia? Insulin resistance? Hypothyroidism?


Well, I've been off the forum for a bit. My cycle disappeared. FertiliyFriend tells me I'm on CD105 I believe. Yeep. Bit of a bummer! I've been on this road before. Three and a half years ago my cycle disappeared. For 6 months. My doctor ran lots of tests. He came back with high prolactin levels and said, pituitary gland tumor. I was 22 and I said, welp, I'm out of here!

My cycles randomly came for the next two years, sometimes regularly. Then I met my husband. I went on BCP. (Which I never did while dating my previous ex.) After our wedding on 9/1/12 I stopped taking BCP and we decided to let things happen. In Dec/Jan I got more excited and we actually tried. We BDed every day for like weeks straight. I temped. I used OPKs. I ovulated. We BDed more. My cycle came. And we kept it up right through January. But then nothing.

I've taken plenty of HPTs since then and they are all negative. I'm long past deluding myself into thinking, "...maybe they are false negatives!" and I have re-entered the reality of reaching out to my Doc.

I googled that tumor he mentioned four years ago. And realized it wasn't as bad as I thought. Should have dealt with it then I reckon. I got to googling more and more and realized I could have lots of things. PCOS. Insulin resistance. Hypothyroidism. And yes, a tumor causing Hyperprolactinemia.

So I'm back on the boards!! I have an appt on Monday with an endocrinologist, a different one than the last time, a woman. Poor secretary at the doctor's office, I really pushed for an early appt. Don't want to wait! Want to be healthy and I want that BFP!!

But I'm wondering.... does anyone have any similar issues of missing periods and high prolactin levels but all other hormones/blood sugar/blood pressure normal? Were you diagnosed with anything? Did a doctor help?

Or stories where you made it through PCOS/insulin resistance/hypothyroidism/hyperprolactinemia and conceived?

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I'm sorry dear. I don't have any personal experience with this, but I wanted to reach out to you and bump this so maybe someone with experience can help. Good luck on Monday. Please let us know how it all goes.

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Hiya! I'm going through sorta the same thing at the minute. I'm on CD362!! No AF for 12 months. Iv had blood tests for my hormones and surprisingly they came back at normal values. Iv only just been referred to a gyne and I'm still waiting for my first appointment. But I'm just curious to what could be going on. Take care x

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