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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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15dpo scared to test wanna hear successful stories and symptoms

15dpo wanting to hear successful stories. i bought a pack of E.P.T s thinking of testing sunday. I wake up every morning with a headache that seems to never go away! When i get out of bed very light head dizziness nausea temp goes up and down. Cramping for weeks now 2exactly throbbing on left side of stomach everywhere but mostly left side s/t heartburn hiccups and bbs are tender tmi but confusing bm metal taste in mouth white clumpy cm! anxious to know any success stories similar to mine cant stand the delay just need advice badly praying for beautiful healthy baby boy. Baby dust fingers crossed please cant get any excitement from dh

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Fingers crossed you get bfp! Sounds very promising. I'd keep an eye out on the throbbing pain though cause that's not a symptom that I've ever had ( I've been pregnant three times )
Let us know when you test

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