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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Help me out with understanding my body

This is our first month ttc so really it is just a time of experimenting. Sort of seeing what is going to happen. Anyways, I'm not a charter or anything yet. I have just been trying to track my cm and I have an app on my phone.

My cycles have been pretty regular the past while, ranging anywhere from 29-31 days or so. According to my phone app my most fertile days should be April 15-19 or 16-21 depending on which app I use. We dtd Tuesday and probably will again tonight but the thing is my cm is not showing any signs of being fertile. Today is supposed to be my top fertile day but I highly doubt it. I thought is would change soon after Tuesday but still nothing. I know what it looks like, I've been checking this stuff out for months so I know it will happen.

So, should I go by my phone app or by my cm?

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I would temp. I don't get a lot of cm so I can't do it that way at all. We have around the same cycle length but I know I don't ovulate until day 17 and as late as day 21 depending on the side I o from.
good luck

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Hi! As for this cycle I would definitely go with cm as that is probably more accurate for you. The app tries based on the information you give it, but it may operate based on the average woman, and not you specifically.

If the apps tell you that you should be most fertile from April 15-19 or 16-21, it might have been the best plan to try to BD as much as you could between April 15-21. Perhaps go a day or so after just in case.

If it doesn't go as you would want this month (I hope it does!) then I would definitely recommend temping next month. It will be the best way to determine if/when you are ovulating. You could also consider using opks, which tell you before you ovulate whereas temping confirms ovulation after it happens.

We have a May testing thread here if you want to join. There are lots of helpful women there. Good luck!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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In regards to accuracy,

1. Temping.
2. OPKs
3. Cervical Mucous
4. The standby measurement of ovulation occurring 14 days before your expected period.

With 1. being the most accurate.

Even if you can only make yourself put up with temping for one cycle I highly suggest you do. Everyone ovulates on different days in their cycle. 14 days before your expected period is an ideal day and the most commonly used average on phone apps and internet ovulation calculators. But your luteal phase, the time of your cycle after you ovulate but before your period starts, should always be the same, give or take a day, and so it'll give you much more of an idea on when to expect that you'll ovulate.

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