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Anyone with a higher BMI TTC?

Hey ladies, I was just looking for some people to share TTC experiences with.

I've battled with my weight for as long as i can remember but i'm desperately trying to reduce it now. I'm 21 tomorrow and have a BMI of 40.3 I'm pretty ashamed of this but i have no health problems related to my weight etc i do i think it might be holding back my chances of getting pregnant.

My sister (15) and my mum both have PCOS but my doctor will not talk to me about it and put everything down to my weight so i've given up talking to him.

Is anyone else in a similar boat?

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Hi, I have a high BMI. I am doing slimming world at the moment. I have always battled with my weight but have still managed to have 4 healthy babies. I am not sure if the fact I am now on month 10 of ttc is my weight/ age or something else but im a very fit fat! I have an extremely active job and 4 children I run around after and have no health problems.
Good luck x

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I just have to say it, you might need a new doctor.

I just think we shouldn't let our doctors just tell us that our infertility is due to being overweight. It's lazy medicine practice.

I'm overweight as well. 5'8" and my weight has fluctuated from 150 to 250 over the years since I've seen my Doctor and she never treats my weight as a diagnosis, but sometimes, yes as a symptom. When I was told a few years ago, at 22, that I may have hyperprolactinemia I was also told my weight gain could be a symptom.

It's also a symptom for PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Hypothyroidism, and hyperprolactinemia. All of which make it nearly impossibly to conceive without treatment. And the treatment helps you lose weight. Which also helps you get pregnant!

What sorts of tests did your doctor run? What advice were you given about how much weight to lose, how to lose it and what to do in the meantime?

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I agree with Jess! Weight is a symptom of many things that could cause fertility issues. Your doctor is obviously not paying attention.

I have a BMI of 35 and I am like you, relatively healthy. I have always felt that focus on the number rather than overall health of a person seems illogical. Although, i have to say that the past 4 months have made me really think about if I was really as healthy as I thought. I have never used b/c with my fiance (only condoms and very sloppily!) and in January I started working out regularly and eating a very healthy diet. I dropped almost 40 lbs and since have had 2 chemical pregnancies (weren't TTC until now, so smoking & copious amounts of coffee may have been the culprits).

Anyway, my point is that we aren't always as healthy as we think we are either. I feel like I was probably not even able to conceive before i adopted healthier habits. I think it's more about giving your body the fuel it needs to run efficiently rather than the number on the scale.

By the way, I did have my doctor run tests on my thyroid and all that good stuff so ruled out PCOS or any other disorder. It will definitely give you some piece of mind to do the same.

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I have a BMI of 35 as well--my dr flat out told me weight was NOT the reason for two mc, so I suggest you get another doctor as well. My doctor did not even seem concerned about the weight or tell me to lose it. I am 5 feet tall..I used to wear a size 0 5 years ago and now I weigh 186 pounds. the heaviest I have ever been! I am dieting now bc I want my old body back and also, because when I do get a sticky bean, I dont want it to be any more of a stressful experience than it already will be after 2 mc. my goal is to lose at least 15-20 pounds by the time I get preg so that even when I do put weight back on, it never gets to the point that I am even hevaier than I am right now! My mil tried telling me that I have issues because of my weight and I was like " doctor doesnt seem to think so" ugh.

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I don't necessarily think being overweight is always the cause of fertility problems, but on the other hand it can't be a bad idea to try and lose a bit of weight / get a bit healthier if you can.

I have a BMI of 32 at the moment, so I'm overweight too. I started weight watchers several months ago with a BMI of 36, so I'm working on bringing it down, and I feel much better for it. I'd definitely recommend it!

I agree with the other posters who recommended getting checked-out by another doctor, especially for PCOS. Are you having regular periods? I did a bit of reading around this topic, because I was wondering whether being overweight was affecting our chances too, but from what I've read being overweight is usually a problem because it leads to people not ovulating / having irregular cycles. If your cycles are regular, then it might be that your weight is not really the thing that's preventing you from conceiving after all. It certainly doesn't seem to be a problem for me.

Good luck with everything.

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