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Hi Everyone, just a little advice re the clear blue monitor please...

Hi All,

Been skulking around for a while with my friend who is currently ttc for us as a surrogate. She has 4 children of her own (therefore fertility has blessed her lol).

She has been using the OPKs for her last cycle and nothing really showed up so we invested in the monitor and this month was the first cycle and go at usiong it.

So its cycle day 8 and the monitor asked for a test this morning. Straight to High. Hmmmm...

Then came the other signs (tender boobs etc etc). Her cycle is usually 28 days long.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this at all? The difficulty here is that she has never really monitored her cycle before as she hasant had to so its kind of unchartered teritory for us all.

Many Thanks in advance.

Kev and Kerry

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Hi there,

There is a whole thread on here where everyone who uses a CBFM chats. It is usually on the first page. You might want to post this again there to get more responses...

I am only on my second cycle with the CBFM so my knowledge is a bit limited but from what I know, the monitor is getting to know the cycle on the first month and often gives lots of highs before a peak so you can cover your bases and err on the side of caution so to speak...

On a 28 day cycle the average woman would ovulate around day 14 so you would expect the following to show on the monitor (on average). Please correct me anyone if I am wrong!

CD10 High
CD11 High
CD12 High
CD13 Peak
CD14 Peak
CD15 High
CD16 Low

But as I say, it is quite normal to have more highs in the first cycle and also actual ovulation times vary from woman to woman. I think what you have experienced so far is perfectly normal. I would trust the monitor for now...

Hope that helps a bit... Good luck!


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First month using CBFM for me...

CD6 - CD9 Low
CD10 - CD17 (today) High

not had any peaks altho temps and OPKs show OV on CD13

apparently it's quite normal for first cycle as monitor is getting to know you.

Hopefully for you your friend is super fertile and she will get a peak soon.

Best of luck to you all!!!

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Heya - CBFMs can be really odd sometimes - it'll take a few months to get used to it.

Chanel has had 2 peaks on her CBFM this month....

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My first month using my CBFM I had highs from CD9-13, Peaks on CD14 and 15 and High again on CD16. Ovulation was confirmed by BBT having occurred on CD15. This month (my second month) I didn't get my first high until CD12. I'm on CD14 now and still on high but supposed to ovulate probably in the next 2 days so I'm figuring I'll get a peak tomorrow. I'll keep ya posted. As was said before, it probably just gives more highs the first cycle to make sure it has it all covered.

Hope this helps and good luck!!

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It's my first month on CBFM I'm cd11 and still low I love to get a high

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It's deco worth temping with the cbfm - just to confirm ov xxx